Autonomous outdoor blind navigation using public transportation.






• Route selection based on preferred bus.

• Reliable and precise oral guidance to the user to reach the bus stop (top left image: "You are reaching the Markea Imitos bus stop in 84m. Take the bus No. 856.").

• Real time information for the arrival of the right bus and waiting time, exploiting the public transportation telematics service (top right image: "Unknown bus No. 856 arrival time, estimated time is 6.08 pm -> Bus No. 856 arrival in 3 minutes").

• When in the bus, the blind navigation application announces the next stops and the destination stop to get off the bus. Outdoor blind navigation continues with the subsequent pedestrian segment of the route (see following images: "Reaching Platia Imitou stop -> You have reached the Platia Imitou stop, next stop is Astinomia -> Reaching the Platia Makriyanni stop, please get off the bus -> You have reached the Platia Makriyanni stop. Please get off the bus").