George Karkoulias

G. KarkouliasMr. Karkoulias George is the General Director of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, as well as the Head of the production laboratories of the institution. He is a graduate Radio Technician-Radioelectrician of the Clemens School as well as a Graduate of the Telephone School of the BLIND LIGHT OF GREECE. He has designed and manufactured technical aids for the blind, presses and specialized machines used in the laboratories of the Lighthouse for the Blind. In 1996, he designed and implemented a mass production of the first domestic white cane for the blind, an innovation for the Greek data with great benefit, on the one hand because until recently white canes were exclusively an imported product and on the other hand because through this invention, today people with visual impairments are still employed in the Metal Processing Unit of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece. For his wider ingenuity, his multidimensional contribution to art, as well as the perfect organization of the Metal Processing Unit of the LIGHTHOUSE OF GREECE, he was awarded in December 1996 by the Academy of Athens.  Another important award he has received is from the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award in 2015 for the invention and design of the device "Smart Guide", a portable electronic navigation device and in addition reusable for visually impaired people. Until today, he continues uninterruptedly and actively with the support of the production capacity of the Laboratories, the technical supervision and ensuring their proper operation and the care for the enrichment of the production items, for the increase of the order flows and strengthening of jobs for the blind workers as well as the improvement of the daily life of blind people with useful and useful, innovative tools.

Georgia Mila

Mrs. Mila Georgia is the Director of Social Welfare and Development at the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, her responsibilities are human resources management, organization and management of the Department of Social Welfare, informal learning activities, sponsored nonprofit projects and funded programs. Τhe certification of non-profit services by the Ministry of Labor - Disabled Persons, B & C type management competence of the entity and ISO certification.

She has previously served as Head of Social Welfare at the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece and Social Worker of Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece’s  Social Service with areas of action organizing and supervising the Department of Social Services, counseling and support for families, training of laboratory students in the Department of Social Work, in collaboration with TEI of Athens and Patras, participation in “KESYY”, vocational rehabilitation and organization & supervision of the volunteer system.

 She is a Graduate Social Worker of the Department of Social Work of the School of Health and Welfare of TEI of Patras. She was Scientific Supervisor of the Conference on "Benefit of Social Welfare Benefits to Vulnerable Groups of the Blind" organized by Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece in January 2016 as part of the program implemented by the Social Service, funded by the Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.

She received specialized training in "Specializing in Promoting the Labor Market for Vulnerable Populations" (120 hours), "Counseling and Communication with Welfare benefiters, aimed at family matters" (120 hours) and "Teleworking, e-Education and Support Technologies for people with disabilities "(120 hours). She has ECDL certification in computer use knowledge and knowledge of Braille writing and reading system. And also she authored and illustrated 3 children's fairytales.

Panagiota Marioli

Mrs Marioli Panagiota works at the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece’s Social Services Department. She is a Graduate Social Worker of the Department of Social Work of the School of Health and Welfare of the TEI of Athens and a graduate of the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology (Department of Psychology) of the University of Athens. She has computer knowledge certification and Braille writing system. She received special education in Special Needs Education (400 hours) from the Department of Adolescent Health of the University of Athens Department of Pediatrics and the Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind. She has been a member of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece’s Social Service Professionals team that implemented the "Accompanying and Counseling Support Services" Program, sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and the non-formal Learning Program for the Blind and Visually Impaired people of the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation.

Kalliopi Gkika

K. GkikaKalliopi Gkika has been working in the Lighthouse of Greece since 2016, as a Scientific Associate for the creation of tactile routes in museums and cultural sites . Furthermore from 2018 until today she is in charge of the tactile museum and also  responsible for tactile exploration using the Loretta Secchi method for visitors with visual impairment. Having studied in Italy, initially focused on studies of the arts, music, spectacle and visual communication analysis, Kalliopi specialized in the Cavazza Institute for blinds in Bologna as a guide to works of art for people with total or partial vision loss. Finally, she worked for three years as a Guide at the Bologna Anteros Tactile Museum, which translates paintings in reliefs for visually impaired visitors, while in Greece, have collaborated with the National Historical Museum and the Piraeus Municipal Art Gallery. Languages: Greek, English, Italian.

Marietta Lappa

M. LappaFrom 2017 I am a partner of the Tactual Museum of Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece. I take active part in the educational programs of the Museum and also in organizing special tactual guides  for the  visually impaired people. Member of the consulting team of the Lighthouse for the Blind, aiming in the improvement of museums and archeological sites accessibility.  Graduate of School of Economics and Management and also degree in Museums and Archeological Sites Guiding for visually impaired people. Foreign language: English, Spanish, Italian.