University of Piraeus Research Center





Department of Digital Systems


 The Research Center of the University of Piraeus has set as a vision to become a modern and internationally renowned research center which will contribute to the promotion and recognition of the University of Piraeus as one of the leading universities in Europe. As part of its mission, KEPP contributes substantially to the effort to modernize and develop the sectors of the Greek Economy and Society by conducting researches and applied studies. The human resources of KEPP include the 200 faculty members of the University of Piraeus. Since its establishment, KEPP has completed more than 1,000 research projects, training programs and development projects funded by the European Union, the GSRT, Ministries, Banks, Public Sector Organizations and Private Carriers.  


 The research activities of KEPP are carried out by the scientific staff of the University of Piraeus who apart from its excellent studies, has extensive research and administrative experience in large public and private sector organizations in Greece and abroad, as well as in responsible government positions. For the completion of the projects, the executives of the Research Center and external collaborators cooperate with the above under project contracts. Based on the nature of the projects and their specific needs, external collaborators are selected based on their qualifications to participate in the research, aiming to the smooth and effective elaboration of the project.