Real-time precise tracking and guidance method for autonomous outdoor blind navigation using a smartphone. 

Snapshot depicting the user position and the two nearest points of the route path polyline. The user is going to turn right towards Kountouriotou Str.

Snapshot depicting the continuous tracking of a user in real time against the route path, as well as the calculation of the user distance from the route path.

Snapshots depicting oral guidance to the user when moving on track and when s/he is moving away from the route path, aiming at correcting the user path so that it is aligned to the route path. In figure 2, the path of the user on the borderline between the street and the pavement is parallel to the route path, therefore the system confirms s/he is moving straight as required. Similar cases are illustrated in figures 6 and 7. In figures 3 and 5, the user moves the opposite way, therefore s/he is warned to move the opposite way along the route path. In figure 1, the user path is almost perpendicular to the route path, therefore the user is warned that the route path is 75 degrees to the left (in between 15 and 10 minutes before the whole hour). In figure 4, the user again moves away from the route path and is guided to change direction and move opposite 120 degrees to the left in order to meet the route path. In figure 8, the user is guided to turn right in another street in 6 meters.


The following pictures are indicative snapshots during the route guidance in a use case scenario :




  1. Route synopsis including estimated arrival time (“Head southwest from Deligiorgi St. towards Tsamadou St., next turn right to Vasileos Georgiou B Av., then the Vasileos Georgiou B St. turns slightly to the left and becomes Vasileos Georgiou A St., next turn right to Androutsou St. Your destination is on your left. Total route time is 5 min”.

  2. Head straight towards 13 Vasileos Georgiou B St.

  3. Turn right in 32 m.

  4. The blind user incorrectly turns to the left. The application instructs the user to move the opposite way.

  5. (The slight left turn of Vasileos Georgiou B St. before becoming Vasileos Georgiou A St.)
    Head straight towards 132 Grigoriou Lambraki St.

  1. Head straight towards 150 Odissea Androutsou St.

  2. Turn right in 1 m (illustration of the very precise guidance of the application).

  3. The application says: “You are standing still”. After moving ahead the user is informed that s/he has reached the destination (destination is on the left).



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